Why is KYC/AML required?

CoinMetro has implemented a KYC procedure to respect rapidly evolving international regulations and to protect itself and its clients. By following the KYC procedure, you will be protected from legal risks and will receive a more stable level of service.

  1. Proof of Identification

 What Kind of Identification Documents Are Acceptable?

  1. Acceptable (must include a photo):
  • Passport
  • National photo ID 

NB. We cannot accept anything other than the above-listed documents as proof of identification, these may vary from country to country.

Proof of ID Photo Instructions

  • The ID document used must be valid and not expired (Expiration date written);
  • All edges or corners should be visible;
  • There should be no manipulation, edits, watermarks, impediments etc. on the document;
  • Make sure that the document is fully visible and in focused (including Name & Last name; Date of Birth; ID number);
  • Switch off the flash on your camera/device and avoid any glare;
  • If using an ID, we need to see both sides of the document (upload 2 images); 
  • If using a Passport, both pages must be visible;
  • Scanned documents are not acceptable.

Other Photo Tips:

  • Natural sunlight is better than artificial light;
  • Use a plain-coloured, solid background;
  • Avoid uploading any blurry/low-quality images;
  • Upload using a JPG, JPEG file format for optimal results.

2. Proof of Address

What Documents Count as Proof of Address?

Any of the following documents are considered acceptable forms of proof of address, but must not be more than three months old:

  • Utility bill (electricity, water, gas, heating, internet);
  • A bank-issued statement; 
  • A landline phone (not mobile) or internet bill, with official company markings visible, e.g. logo, address, stamp etc.

Documents which MAY be accepted (depending on your country):

  • Income tax letter (if issued within the last 12 months).

NB. We cannot accept anything other than the above-listed documents as proof of address.

  • All edges of the document should be visible in the photo, and the document should fill most of the frame.
  • There should be no manipulation, edits, watermarks, impediments etc. on the document (electronic or paper);
  • Make sure that the document is fully visible and in focus;
  • Screenshots, pictures of a picture or a document, or photos of computer screens are not acceptable.

NB. These documents may ONLY be used if they contain a clear and up-to-date address, and must also not be more than three months old.

What Languages Are Be Accepted? 

Documents can be accepted in the following languages: English, Estonian, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian and Portuguese. For documents in all other languages than the above, a translation performed by an officially appointed translator /state-authorized translator will be required.

Non-Signature IDs

In countries where ID documents of private individuals do not bear any signatures, the individual must sign the ID copy, and the signature should be certified together with the document. In case an ID document does not bear an expiry date, the embassy or consulate of the relevant country may be contacted to confirm legitimacy. 

The individual certifying the document must provide his full name, an original signature, the date of certification, address and stamp of relevant authority/company as proof of authority and state ‘I, xxx, certify that this copy is a true copy of the original.”

Self-certification is not accepted.

CoinMetro requires the copies to be certified as a true copy, issued within the last twelve months, by an independent and reliable authority, e.g. one of the following:

  • a regulated financial institution located in an equivalent country;
  • a police officer;
  • an embassy;
  • a consulate;
  • a notary.


US Residents, Accredited and Non – Accredited Investors

If you are a US accredited investor, under Regulation D of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), you are required to provide a tax or income statement to submit your KYC application.


As an extra security measure, we will be doing a final, manual review of the documents. This process can usually take up to two weeks, but it may take longer due to the high number of requests that we’re receiving at the moment. Once completed, we will send a confirmation email to you.

Declined Proof of Address

If this happens, it’s likely that the proof-of-residency document you sent to us is outdated, has no address on it, or it’s not legible. Please replace your declined document with a new one which clearly shows your current home address and is not more than three months old.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them on our Telegram channel or get in touch with our support team.

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