The Ethereum Merge is expected to take place from 21:00 UTC on September 14th. Here are some important things that you should know.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Coinmetro will be halting ETH withdrawals around the time of the Merge. ETH withdrawals will be resumed once the network has stabilized. This is expected to begin from 21:00 UTC on 14 Sept.

In addition to the above, deposit confirmations will be increased to 1,000 around the time of the upgrade. We strongly recommend you refrain from depositing ETH before the Merge. Confirmations will be resumed to a normal level once the network stabilizes.

Trading at Coinmetro During the Merge

We do not expect any disruption to trading during the upcoming Ethereum Mainnet Merge. However, please be mindful of the additional volatility that may persist during this period and the impact this can have on liquidity.

After the Fork

If the Ethereum Mainnet Merge is uncontested, and no new token is created, Coinmetro will aim to resume deposit and withdrawal services as soon as the network stabilizes. If the Ethereum Mainnet Merge is contested and results in a chain split, Coinmetro will support the dominant chain with no new tokens being immediately listed.

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