What is the Coinmetro Swap Widget?

The Coinmetro Swap Widget is a tool located on your Coinmetro Dashboard, or on the Swap page if you are using the Coinmetro Mobile app. With the Swap Widget, you can swap most of our listed assets with just the click of a button, providing there is sufficient liquidity. Suitable for beginners, it's the easiest and quickest way to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

Unlike the Exchange Platform which has certain exchange pairs, you can swap any crypto-to-crypto, fiat-to-crypto, or crypto-to-fiat. The Swap Widget does not support fiat-to-fiat transactions yet as this requires additional licensing, but this is in the pipeline and we hope to support this in the near future.

Buy Your Portfolio

Coinmetro is the first major crypto exchange to allow investors to buy more of their own portfolios in one simple trade. With the new Buy Your Portfolio Swap feature you can acquire more of all your assets in one single trade, eliminating the hassle of having to perform multiple individual transactions. If you're holding a diverse portfolio and want to buy more of everything you have, you can do so with just the click of a button!

What are the fees and limits?

The Swap Widget offers a fixed rate for 30 seconds, with a swap markup of 2.00%. The limit on the Coinmetro Swap Widget is 500 EUR (or equivalent). This is due to the Swap Widget offering a guaranteed price for 30 seconds. With two different order books and a fixed price, the price can be volatile.

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