Typically, if your card transaction is unsuccessful, it will be due to one of the common reasons below:

  • the cardholder's name does not match the account name

  • the transaction was declined on your bank's side. Please contact your bank to clarify this

  • the card is not valid for e-commerce, cryptocurrency, or foreign transactions

  • the card is not enrolled for 3D Secure transactions

  • insufficient funds or exceeded card limits

  • the cardholder entered the wrong 3D Secure password

  • the wrong CVC code or the expiry date has been entered

  • the card is expired

  • the card is pre-paid or a virtual card

  • a repeated amount of small transactions were sent

  • the amount is more than 5,000 EUR/GBP/USD.

If you have checked all of the above and your bank has confirmed that the transaction was successful on their side, please contact our customer support team for more information.

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