Transaction History

You can check the status of a deposit by firstly heading to your Coinmetro Dashboard, then scrolling down to your Transaction History.

From here, find the transaction you are looking for and you will see the status on the right-hand side.

Should the transaction appear as 'Pending', this usually means that the deposit is awaiting approval from the finance team. Please be assured that this typically does not take long and your funds will be approved as soon as possible.


You can also check the status of a deposit within your Coinmetro Wallet.

From your Coinmetro Wallet, scroll down until you find the relevant currency. Then, click on the currency to find the deposit status.

Once the deposit has been approved, the funds will then be available in your wallet balances to use for trading and the transaction will appear as 'completed' under your Transaction History.


How long does it take?

For a full list of the estimated deposit times for Coinmetro's listed assets, click the button below.

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