What are FLUX Parallel Assets?

A parallel asset is a token that is part of the FLUX ecosystem and resides on another blockchain. Flux provides access to multiple blockchains through these parallel assets. Coinmetro is proud to be partnered with Flux Network, and from just holding and/or staking your FLUX tokens on our platform, you will receive all future FLUX Airdrop Rewards!

Distributed FLUX Parallel Asset Rewards

At the time of writing, we have already distributed the following Parallel Asset/Airdrop rewards:

FLUX Parallel Assets

Date Snapshot was taken

Date Rewards Distributed


15th June 2021

4th September 2021


15th October 2021

4th February 2022

Upcoming FLUX Parallel Asset Rewards that will also be distributed include:

  • FLUX-AVAX & FLUX-LUNA - Snapshot taken on 5th May 2022. Distribution date to be confirmed;





Once the rewards have been distributed for any of the above parallel assets, all users will be notified via email and our usual social channels (Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Facebook etc.).

How can I receive FLUX Parallel Assets (Airdrop Rewards)?

There are two types of rewards that you can earn depending on whether you are simply holding FLUX in your Coinmetro account, or staking your FLUX on the Staking Platform. We convert the parallel asset rewards to FLUX so there is no need to move or liquidate the assets! Users can trade or stake that FLUX directly on our platform to be ready for the next airdrop.

If you are holding FLUX in your Coinmetro account, but not staking it, you are still eligible for the FLUX cross-chain rewards. These will appear under your Transaction History as

"Bonus - Flux cross-chain rewards":

If you are staking your FLUX at Coinmetro, you are eligible for both the FLUX cross-chain and mining rewards. Mining rewards will appear on your Transaction History as "Bonus - Flux parallel-mining rewards":

If you are both holding FLUX in your available balance and also staking some FLUX, you will receive both cross-chain and mining rewards.

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