Occasionally, some users may experience technical difficulties with their 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). In order to assist you if you experience any issues, here we have provided you with some actions that may help you to resolve this:

  1. Try restarting the authentication app on your device by closing the app and opening it again,

  2. Should the above fail, check for app updates from the App Store or Google Play,

  3. If you have an authentication app on a different device than the one you are logging in with, please ensure that the time on the two devices is synced.

If you are still experiencing some issues after trying the above steps, please contact us either via 24/7 live chat or via email at hello@coinmetro.com and send us a screenshot with your console open (can be seen when pressing F12) to help us report this issue to the relevant team.

Please note that the above steps will only work if you still have access to the device where 2-Factor Authentication was set up. If you do not have access to your device, please read the following article:

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