Whilst IP Verification and Two Factor Authentication (2FA) provides additional security to your Coinmetro account, enabling Face ID, Fingerprint ID or a Passcode on your Coinmetro App can help assure you that your account is even more secure.

For iOS Devices

To enable FaceID or Passcode for the Coinmetro iOS App:

  1. Head into Settings > Face ID & Passcode. You’ll need to enter your iPhone’s passcode to continue

  2. Under 'Use Face ID For:' click on Other Apps

  3. From here, you’ll be able to toggle Face ID authentication on or off on a per-app basis. Make sure Coinmetro is selected.

For Android Devices

To enable Face, Fingerprint ID or a Passcode for the Coinmetro Android App:

  1. Go to Settings > Security

  2. Click on App Lock

  3. Enter your device password

  4. Find the Coinmetro App and switch the toggle on.

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