Device Management is a tool that enables you to see which devices are currently being used to access your Coinmetro account.

Should you ever become worried that someone else is logged into your account, you can check this from your Security settings.

How to manage and authorize your devices

First, you will need to log into your Coinmetro account. Then, from your Coinmetro Dashboard, click on the menu icon (the coloured icon with your initials) in the top right-hand corner.

Now, from the dropdown menu that follows, click on "My Account".

This will then lead you to your Account Settings page. For Device Management, click on the Activity tab.

´╗┐Now, find your device underneath Device Management. If your device is not yet authorized, then you will see a yellow warning triangle under the status bar.

To confirm that you want to link your account to that particular device, click on the yellow triangle, and press Confirm.

Force Logout From All Sessions

If you can see that your Coinmetro account is logged in on a particular device that you do not recognise, clicking Force Logout From All Sessions will end all sessions and disconnect your account from that device.

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