Coinmetro's UST Staking Program offers long-term sustainable, secure, and easy-to-use passive income opportunities for all users! All it takes is a minimum of 50 UST and a few clicks to start earning a passive income.

What is UST?

TerraUSD (UST) is a decentralized stablecoin created by Terraform Labs that runs natively on the Terra blockchain. Coinmetro hosts both the native and ERC20 versions of UST. Unlike USDT and USDC, UST uses an algorithm to maintain a 1:1 peg to the US Dollar. It has become one of the fastest-growing stablecoins due to Terra’s low transaction fees and its truly decentralized nature, unlike its competitors.

UST works hand in hand with LUNA (also available on the Coinmetro platform) in order to maintain its 1:1 peg with USD. LUNA is a volatile asset that absorbs the demand fluctuations of UST and other algorithmic stablecoins on Terra. When the demand for UST increases and more people want to buy it, LUNA is burned in order to mint new UST. This in turn reduces the LUNA supply, making it a more scarce and valuable asset.

How to stake UST at Coinmetro

On Desktop:

Firstly, from your Coinmetro Dashboard, you'll need to select 'Staking', and then 'UST Staking'. This will bring you to the UST Staking platform. Alternatively, you can click the button at the bottom of this article.

On the Coinmetro Mobile App:

From your Dashboard, click on the Menu (3 lines) in the upper right-hand

corner. Then, click on 'Platform' to open the expanding menu and click on 'Staking'. Now, click 'UST Staking'.

With at least 50 UST available in your Coinmetro account, you can open a staking plan with the click of a button. Simply select 'Get Started', then choose how many UST you would like to stake and whether you would like the staking plan to be flexible or for 1 Year.

Once you are ready, simply press 'Confirm' to start staking your UST!

How much will I earn?

Staking in the Flexible Plan means you will earn 8% APR. Staking in the 1 Year Plan means you commit to one year of staking, and you will earn 10% APR.

Claiming your rewards

The rewards for staking are now accumulated live, and you can now see your rewards being accumulated in real-time! By clicking 'Cash Out Now', the pending rewards are moved to your available wallet balances, with a matching entry in your transaction history.

Ending a staking plan

You can end your staking plan by simply pressing 'Close'. Staking in the Flexible Plan means you can end your plan as you please with no penalty. Staking in the 1 Year Plan means you commit to a year of staking. If you need to remove it for whatever reason, there is a 50% penalty on your total accrued rewards. The penalty will be taken from your principal UST when you close the staking plan and will not impact any accrued rewards.

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