If you have spoken with another community member and realised that your KDA bonus percentage is different than theirs, this does not mean you are earning less KDA. The difference in the bonus percentage indicates that one of you may simply be in another tier or is an ICO contributor, therefore earning a different APR percentage of XCM. The timeframe you are staking your XCM for can also impact the way the bonus percentage appears.

KDA and other multi-asset bonuses do not consider the APR you earn on XCM. We pay an equal bonus to everyone and the only factor to determine how much you earn is based on the amount of XCM you have staked as the KDA and other bonuses are split proportionally between everyone staking XCM.

How are MARs Calculated?

  • Coinmetro shares revenues generated from offering staking programs on other assets

  • Stake more XCM, and get more XCM in return plus a larger share of Multi-Asset Rewards.

For example, if Coinmetro generates 100,000 KDA in March from the KDA Staking program and pays out 80,000 KDA to those staking KDA, Coinmetro would have 20,000 KDA in the company treasury.

Coinmetro is sharing its success with those staking XCM, by sharing a % of these KDA coins proportionally to users based on how much XCM they are staking.

If you stake 10,000 XCM and there is a total of 1mil XCM staked, then you would own 1% of the pool. This means that if we share 10% of the KDA which came to the treasury, 2,000 KDA would be split up proportionally and you would get 1% or 20 KDA paid as a bonus during March.

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