Coinmetro's THT Staking Program offers long-term sustainable, secure, and easy-to-use passive income opportunities for all users! All it takes is a minimum of 1000 THT and a few clicks to start earning a passive income.

What is THT?

Thought offers adaptive AI that self-assembles and self-optimizes algorithms for any business case; their clients must own THT to power their activity of the Thought AI network of data. They make every piece of information self-aware by embedding it with AI. It is also possible to run a THT Masternode which is Layer-2 Proof of Stake.

How to Get Started

On Desktop:

Firstly, from your Coinmetro Dashboard, you'll need to select 'Staking', and then 'THT Staking'. This will bring you to the THT Staking Platform.

On the Coinmetro Mobile App:

From your Dashboard, click on the Menu in the lower right-hand

corner. Then, click on 'Staking' to open the expanding menu and click on 'THT Staking'.

With at least 1000 THT available in your Coinmetro account, you can open a staking plan with the click of a button. Simply select 'Get Started' and start earning a passive income!

You will then need to choose how many THT you would like to stake, and for how long. Remember—the longer you stake for, the higher the APR will be!

Once you are ready, simply press 'Confirm' to start staking your THT!

How much will I earn?

You can earn up to 8.2% APR for staking your THT at Coinmetro. You can find out how much you will earn when allocating your funds to your staking plan. Remember, the longer you stake, the higher the rewards will be!

Please note that the APR for staking is variable. Please ensure you have thoroughly read the THT Staking Program Agreement before confirming your plan.

Because of the recent THT halving, the APR for THT Staking has now been reduced. Coinmetro now gets fewer rewards so is forced to give users fewer rewards for their staked THT.

Claiming Your Rewards

The rewards for staking are now accumulated live, and you can now see your rewards being accumulated in real-time! By clicking 'Cash Out Now', the pending rewards are moved to your available wallet balances, with a matching entry in your transaction history.

Ending a staking plan

You can end your staking plan by simply selecting 'Close'. Ending your staking plan early comes with a penalty. 50% of the total paid rewards for the plan will be deducted from your staked THT. A confirmation popup will display the penalty applied before you choose to confirm.

Ready to get started?

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