CoinMetro reopened KDA Staking on Nov 3rd 2021 and was fully subscribed within 30 minutes. We are aware of the huge demand to stake KDA and earn a passive income, we aim to reopen staking in the near future for new users. Keep an eye on our Telegram updates channel for an announcement.

CoinMetro's KDA Staking Program offers long-term sustainable, secure, and easy-to-use passive income opportunities for all users!

Together with the Kadena team, CoinMetro has built a unique platform that enables anyone to participate in KDA Staking. All it takes is a minimum of 100 KDA and a few clicks to start earning a passive income!

What is KDA?

Kadena is live with a hybrid public and permissioned blockchain. Its public blockchain is a braided, high-throughput Proof of Work system that improves throughput and scalability while maintaining the security and integrity found in Bitcoin. Kadena is all about being fast, secure and simple. Delivering on these key promises have brought success, as Kadena is already being used by major companies in finance, healthcare and insurance. Kadena’s native token is called KDA. It is a secure and scalable virtual currency.

More in-depth information about KDA can be found in our Help Center article here.

How to stake KDA on CoinMetro

Firstly, from your CoinMetro Dashboard, you'll need to select Earn, and then KDA Staking. This will bring you to the KDA Staking platform.

With at least 1000 KDA available in your CoinMetro account, you can open a staking plan with the click of a button. KDA can be bought and sold on the CoinMetro Exchange!

You can open a staking plan by simply selecting Get Started and you can start earning a passive income by staking your KDA tokens. If you do not have 1000 KDA available, you will be prompted with a pop-up to buy KDA.

You will then need to choose how many KDA you would like to stake, and for how long. The longer you stake for, the higher the rewards will be!

Once you are ready, simply press Confirm to start staking your KDA!

The APR for KDA Staking is as follows:

  • 1 month - 11.0% APR

  • 3 months - 14.0% APR

  • 6 months - 16.0% APR

  • 1 year - 18% APR

Rewards are paid out automatically. CoinMetro handles the entire staking process, so you just need to sit back and watch the rewards roll in! Also, staking with CoinMetro yields very generous rewards!

Please note that these rates are fixed for now; however, as the APR is variable, the KDA staking rates may change in the future.

For more in-depth information on KDA Staking, you can read our article on the official CoinMetro blog here.

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