If you are already impressed by the transaction times CoinMetro is offering, we are proud to let you know that these transaction times just went into warp speed...

We now have some of the quickest transaction times in the entire industry! Due to our regulatory requirements, some transactions will need to be checked and manually credited. Providing manual crediting is not required, the deposit times are as below.

Cryptocurrency Confirmations (Estimated Time)

Bitcoin - 2 (20 minutes) - Trade BTC

Litecoin - 10 (25 min) - Trade LTC

Bitcoin Cash - 5 (50 min) - Trade BCH

Tezos - 10 (10 min) - Trade XTZ

Stellar Lumens - Near-instant - Trade XLM

Ripple - Near-Instant - Trade XRP

Kadena - Near-Instant - Trade KDA

Flux Network - 15 (30 minutes) - Trade FLUX

ThoughtAI - TBA - Trade THT

Hathor Network - Trade HTR

Ethereum and Ethereum-based (ERC-20) tokens

10 confirmations (3 min)

Ether - Trade ETH

CoinMetro Token - Trade XCM

OmiseGo - Trade OMG

Chainlink - Trade LINK

EnjinCoin - Trade ENJ

Basic Attention Token - Trade BAT

Parsiq - Trade PRQ

ParsiqBoost - Trade PRQB

Quant - Trade QNT

VectorspaceAI - Trade VXV

USDCoin - Trade USDC

EncrypGen - Trade DNA

Ocean Protocol - Trade OCEAN

1inch Network - Trade 1INCH

Aave Protocol - Trade AAVE

Band Protocol - Trade BAND

Mirror Protocol - Trade MIR

Synthetix - Trade SNX

Terra - Trade LUNA

TerraUSD - Trade UST

UniSwap - Trade UNI

AllianceBlock - Trade ALBT

SushiSwap - Trade SUSHI

Vesper - Trade VSP

Qredo - Trade QRDO

The transaction's confirmations count depends on how many network nodes have confirmed the transaction. CoinMetro cannot speed up the network confirmation time. Higher transaction fees may increase the likelihood of your transaction being processed faster. Block speed differs between blockchains.

For more information about our trading fees for these digital assets, take a look at our fees in this section here.


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