If you are transferring your KDA from another exchange, we strongly advise withdrawing to an external wallet such as Chainweaver or Zelcore first, then depositing to CoinMetro.

Firstly, when depositing KDA into your CoinMetro account, you will need to find your KDA deposit address. You can find this by heading to your CoinMetro Dashboard, selecting Deposit, and then KDA - Kadena. CoinMetro Proudly Supports New Kadena Accounts Protocol!

You will need to enter your account number or TXBUILDER info into the withdrawal form on the external wallet.

On the CoinMetro deposit form, you will see that you have the option to either copy your account number (KDA deposit address) or to copy TXBUILDER:

When doing this, you are copying your account name (KDA deposit address), your public key, and also the Chain ID.

Important! - please ensure to enter k: before your public key or your funds may become permanently lost! For example, if your public key is “8ff29d…”, your protected k: account would be “k:8ff29d….” If you wish to use the k: protocol and currently have accounts on multiple chains, you’ll need to revise your key on each chain. You can place k: in front of your existing key or replace it entirely.

You can deposit KDA using any one of the 20 Kadena Chains.

We strongly advise firstly sending a small amount of KDA to ensure that the transaction is successful.

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