Coinmetro supports withdrawals of Terra cryptocurrency assets on both the Ethereum (ERC-20) and the native Terra network.

When withdrawing one of the below-listed tokens, you will now see you have an option to use either the Ethereum Network (an ERC20 token) or the Terra Network (a native token).

You will have the option to send the following tokens:

  • UST - TerraUSD (ERC-20)

  • UST - TerraUSD (Native)

  • LUNA - Terra (ERC-20)

  • LUNA - Terra (Native)

  • MIR - Mirror Protocol (ERC-20)

  • MIR - Mirror Protocol (Native)

Important - UST, MIR and LUNA deposits have now been discontinued, however, withdrawals for these assets are still enabled.

What is the difference between a native and ERC-20 Terra token?

When we refer to a 'native' terra token, this means the token is supported and can be transferred using the network that the tokens were initially designed for. In this case, we are referring to the Terra ecosystem. By keeping your Terra tokens on the Terra network you can avoid the high fees often seen on the Ethereum network.

Transaction times are also much faster on the Terra network, generally between 6-18 seconds. The native terra version of a token must be sent on the Terra network to Terra Station or a Terra Wallet.

'ERC-20' means that for convenience and use in wallets such as Metamask and other platforms, these tokens are 'bridged' onto the Ethereum network.



Low network fees

Higher network fees

Faster transaction times

Slower transaction times (depending on network congestion)

Must be sent on the Terra network to Terra Station or a Terra Wallet

Must be sent on the Ethereum network to an ERC-20 wallet such as Metamask or Trust

Native to the Terra network


Wallet addresses start with 'terra1'

Wallet addresses generally start with '0x'

What are the fees?

Ethereum fees can cost anywhere from $20 to upwards of $150 depending on network demand, whereas on the Terra network you will see fees ranging from $0.10 to $1. Setting up a terra wallet will allow easy integration with the terra ecosystem, such as Anchor Protocol, Mirror Protocol, and Loop Markets.

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