Sometimes when you have crypto or fiat currencies within your account balance, some or all of this balance may not be available for use. This could be for a variety of different reasons:

Pending deposit

If you have made a recent fiat or cryptocurrency deposit, please note that although the funds will present as visible in your account, the funds will not become available for trading until the deposit has been approved by the finance department.

Please note, that you can see your pending deposits by heading to your transaction history on your dashboard, and by clicking on the downwards facing arrow underneath 'status'.


Your unavailable funds may be unclaimed, allocated, in use for a variety of reasons:

  • Pending limit order

  • TraM allocation

  • Allocated as collateral within the margin platform

  • Allocated within a staking program

  • Unclaimed rebates, referral rewards or staking rewards

Please note, you can see all of your allocations by firstly heading to your wallet balances on your dashboard, and then selecting the downwards facing arrow underneath 'actions'.

Once these funds have been un-allocated, these will be available for trading!

We kindly ask that you please ensure you have checked all of the above before contacting customer support.

Our 24/7 live Customer Support team are available around the clock and are dedicated to answering any questions or feedback you may have. Simply click the blue chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner to contact us! If you cannot see the chat bubble, please disable browser plugins.

Alternatively, feel free to email us at - we will respond within minutes!

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