If you are experiencing issues with withdrawals on your account, this is usually due to one of the following reasons:

Unsettled ACH Deposit

Due to the nature of ACH deposits; although we credit these funds instantly to your Coinmetro account for trading, typically we don't actually receive your funds until after 3-4 business days (in some cases, up to 10 business days).

For ACH deposits, we require your funds to reach us before withdrawals are able to be processed. For this reason, all withdrawals from your Coinmetro will be temporarily suspended until the funds have fully settled.

As soon as the funds have reached us, your withdrawals will be enabled again and any pending withdrawals will be processed. In the meanwhile, deposits and trading will still be available for you. We kindly ask that you please allow 10 full business days for your funds to fully settle before contacting Customer Support.

Negative Account/TraM Balance

If your account balance or TraM allocation currently stands with a negative value, these funds will need to be covered before you are able to withdraw funds from the Coinmetro platform.

Additional Verification Requested

Sometimes, for compliance reasons, we may reach out to you via email to verify some additional information before we can proceed with your withdrawals. This is to protect both ourselves and our customers from fraud and other malicious activities. Please check your emails to see if we have reached out to you.

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