Unfortunately, we cannot offer our customers advice on their taxes. It is your own responsibility to report your crypto earnings for tax purposes in your respective country of residence. We recommend that you speak with a tax advisor or use a crypto tax calculator service.

However, we do provide several tools to ensure customers gather all the details of your trading activities - you can download the CSV from your transaction history, which can be found on your dashboard, or from copy trading if you have joined any TraM.

If you joined any staking programs, any earnings and other relevant information can also be found in the specific staking program by downloading the CSV.

Our 24/7 live Customer Support team are available around the clock and are dedicated to answering any questions or feedback you may have. Simply click the blue chat bubble in the bottom right corner of any CoinMetro page to contact us! If you cannot see the chat bubble, please disable browser plugins.

Feel free to also email us at hello@coinmetro.com - we will respond within minutes!

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