If you have received an email from us asking you to re-upload your identification document, this means that either the document provided was not supported or the quality of the photo was not acceptable.

When submitting your identification documents for the profile verification process, it is very important to ensure the following:

  • The photo is not blurry/there is no glare - we need to be able to read all text on the document,

  • All four outside corners of the document are visible - if this is a passport, this includes both the top and bottom pages,

  • The name submitted matches the name on your document,

  • The address submitted matches the address on the document - if you have a new address since the document was issued, we will ask you to provide proof of address,

  • The photo of the document is not cropped, screenshotted or scanned,

  • The document has not been modified in any way,

  • The document is not damaged or altered from its original form.

Ensuring all of the above will enable us to process your application smoother and quicker.

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