If your cryptocurrency withdrawal has not arrived after the given timeframe, please ensure the following:

  • Please ensure that you have withdrawn your cryptocurrency asset to the correct wallet address. If you have withdrawn to an incorrect address, unfortunately, this is not possible for us to retrieve the funds once they have left our platform

  • Withdrawals can at most take up to 24 hours to be processed, but generally, a withdrawal will be approved and sent out within minutes. Please note that transaction times can sometimes be delayed due to network congestion. We kindly ask that you allow 24 hours for your withdrawal to arrive before contacting customer support

  • Please check your emails - as Coinmetro is a secure and regulated exchange, sometimes our team may reach out to customers for additional verification checks before being able to process your deposit

  • If you are withdrawing tokens to an external wallet such as Metamask, please ensure that you have added the token as a custom token on the wallet

  • Check the explorer for your cryptocurrency token to see if the transaction has been completed on the network. You can find out how to do this here

  • Ensure that your account is fully verified. You can check the status of your verification by clicking the button below.

It is advised to withdraw only to a destination that you possess full access to, not to another exchange or for making payments.

If you have ensured all of the above and you are still having issues with your cryptocurrency withdrawal, please contact our 24/7 live customer support team.

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