If you are having issues with your GBP or EUR deposit via credit card, please ensure the following:

  • The cardholder's name matches the account name. Deposits from third parties will be returned to you at your expense

  • You have checked your emails. When using a credit card for the first time or for an amount over 1000 for the first time, we will reach out to you via email to request a pdf bank statement where we can see your full name and transaction to CoinMetro. Please note that we cannot process your deposit until your statement has been received.

    As CoinMetro is a regulated exchange; sometimes we are required to carry out additional checks on transactions due to legal and regulatory requirements. This is to protect both ourselves and you from malicious activities.

  • The card is valid for e-commerce, cryptocurrency, or foreign transactions. Your deposit would have been rejected by your bank if your card does not support these kinds of transactions

  • The card is enrolled for 3D Secure transactions

  • You have sufficient funds and have not exceeded card limits. If you have insufficient funds, your payment would have been rejected by your bank.

  • You have entered the correct 3D Secure password

  • You have entered the correct CVC code or expiry date

  • The card is not expired

  • A card is not a prepaid card

  • A repeated amount of small transactions were not sent

  • The amount is no more than 5,000 EUR/GBP

If any of the information has been entered incorrectly and your bank has not rejected your payment, please contact customer support.

If you have ensured all of the above and you are still having issues, please contact customer support.

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