**** Staking Program on Pause as of March 12 - the pool of €200 000 was reached ***

**** Sustainable Long Term Staking for QNT will be available when CoinMetro can run a Gateway on the Quant Network ***

We’ve built a user-friendly model with a low barrier of entry to give the opportunity of earning staking rewards for your Quant on CoinMetro. From the moment Quant is received in your wallet you will start to accrue your staking rewards. The rewards accrue daily and are paid out every month into your account.

How to earn QNT staking rewards?

There are no lockup periods, opt-ins or costs. All it takes is to sign up with CoinMetro, complete your profile verification, deposit Quant into your account, and that's it!

Don’t have any Quant? Don’t worry, you can buy QNT on CoinMetro!

Every day at 00 UTC, your staking rewards of the day will accrue based on the QNT value in your account. The pending staking reward can then be found from the "Transaction History" section of your Dashboard. Every month on the 16th, the accrued XCM will be credited to your CoinMetro wallet.

How is the staking reward calculated?

The euro value of your QNT balance will be calculated every day at 00 UTC and based on the price of XCM and your account tier, a certain amount of XCM will be added into the pending payout on your Dashboard. To calculate the XCM amount to be paid, the daily percentage is about 0.0137% (for the 5% rate) or 0.00685% (for the 2.5% rate). The interest rate is multiplied with the euro value of your QNT holdings, and that euro amount - in XCM - is your staking reward for the day!

Want to increase your staking reward rate from 2.5% to 5%?

The default staking rate is 2.5% annually. If your account is Tier 1 or above, the interest rate is 5%. You can upgrade your account tier at any time, by locking some XCM tokens. The tiers come with other benefits as well, such as trading fee rebates. The XCM tokens can be unlocked at any time. Your tier at the time of the daily staking rewards payout will affect the amount added to your pending XCM balance. The tier benefits are one of the utilities offered by the CoinMetro Token - XCM.

To learn more about Quant and staking QNT with CoinMetro, please see our more in-depth blog post Quant Staking is Live on CoinMetro!

CoinMetro's Staking Programs

Quant (QNT)

Chainlink (LINK)

Kadena (KDA)

Our support team is available around the clock — if you have any questions or feedback, simply click the blue chat bubble in the corner of any CoinMetro page to contact us! (If you cannot see the chat bubble, please disable browser plugins).

You can also email us at hello@coinmetro.com and we will respond to you within minutes!

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