As the second listed project in Coinmetro's Security Token Investment platform, it offers a unique opportunity to earn daily interest with the option to become a shareholder of Coinmetro.

How much can I earn?

You can earn from 8-12% Annual Interest from being a shareholder. When you purchase the Coinmetro Bond, earning starts from 8% interest but you can increase your earnings by staking your XCM into different rebate tiers.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Stake 10,000 XCM

Stake 25,000 XCM

Stake 50,000 XCM

Earn 9%

Earn 10%

Earn 11%

ICO contributors automatically earn 12% in interest!

Similar to the other XCM Rebates, you are able to stake your XCM or end your staking plan at any time; however, if you choose to end your staking plan before the end date, you will incur a 50% penalty on your staking rewards only. Tier benefits are in place as long as your XCM is staked and will adjust with any changes you may make.

Is it easy to exit?

The Coinmetro bond is offered for a term of two years; however, our secondary market makes it quick and simple to exit before then. Secondary trading means you have a marketplace to trade, be that a bond, growth token, or use token. Once you've exited, funds are back in your Coinmetro account to trade, invest or withdraw as you please.

Otherwise, at the end of the bond term (two years), you can either convert your Coinmetro Bonds into the Coinmetro Growth Token, an equity-like instrument based on today’s valuation of €50m or cash out into XCM tokens at a fixed value of 0.20 per XCM.

Please note that the Coinmetro bond sale has been finished in mid-January 2021. XCM is the native token on the Coinmetro platform. All the fees are transacted in XCM.

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