If you're looking to learn more about how you can start investing in Coinmetro's Investment Platform - you're in the right place. Our Invest Platform is special for a number of reasons.

1) Unique Opportunities

We firmly believe that investment opportunities should be accessible to everyone. Coinmetro's Invest Platform is bringing great projects to Coinmetroids with minimum investments starting from just €10!

Security Tokens are an investment product. When purchased, they give investors a stake in the issuing company or the associated rights, such as rights to profits, dividends, or shares of the company's revenue. With various asset classes listed, it's important to check each project's terms and conditions to make sure it is the right fit for your investment strategy.

2) Easy Access

You can start investing in just three quick and easy steps!

  1. Get started on your Coinmetro journey! You will need a verified account to access the platform.

  2. Deposit funds (either fiat or cryptocurrencies) into your Coinmetro account to ensure you have an available balance to invest. While there are no fees to back projects, deposit and withdrawal fees do apply.

  3. From your Coinmetro Dashboard or Markets page, head to the Invest tab. Choose a project and start investing!

Via Desktop:

Via the Mobile App:

Important note - investing in any kind of asset is risky and may result in the loss of some or all of your capital. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

3) Clear Path to Exit

Ready to trade your security tokens? Our secondary market makes it quick and simple to exit. Secondary trading means you have a marketplace to trade, whether that be a bond, growth token, or use token.

Once you've exited, the funds will become available again in your Coinmetro account to trade, invest, or withdraw as you please!

Ready to get started?

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