Head over to your CoinMetro Dashboard to withdraw fiat from your account.

First, in the top right corner, you can double-check that your account is enabled. What do I need to know about verifying my profile?

Make sure that you have an available balance in the currency you want to withdraw and if so, click Withdraw.

The dropdown list will show you all currencies, but you are only able to select ones you hold a balance in.

If you haven't done so already, you will be asked to fill out the following address information:

Once submitted, or if you've already provided your residential address, you will be able to enter your banking details. Please mind that you aren't able to send funds to other people or businesses. Withdrawals can only be made to your personal bank accounts.

Note: It's important to ensure you double-check that all information has been entered correctly. Once a transfer is sent, it is not possible to edit any information and transactions are not able to be reversed.

If you're sending to a new account, please make sure you check for a confirmation e-mail, subject line: Please Confirm Your New Withdrawal Destination. Kindly ensure you confirm AND follow the link through until you have logged into your account.

What are the fees? How long does it take? What if my funds haven't arrived yet?

Click the links below for specific information on that currency or check out our Overview of Fees at CoinMetro as fees differ depending on the fiat currency.

Our support team is available around the clock - if you have any questions or feedback, simply click the blue chat bubble in the corner of any CoinMetro page to contact us. If you cannot see the chat bubble, please disable browser plugins.

Feel free to also email us at hello@coinmetro.com - we will respond within minutes!

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