Firstly, you will need to head over to your CoinMetro Dashboard, and then select Deposit.

You will then be presented with a list of fiat currencies that can be deposited to your CoinMetro account. You will need to select either EUR - Euro (Credit Card) or GBP - Great British Pounds (Credit Card).

Please note - if your credit/debit card is denominated in a different currency, please review your card’s terms and conditions for your card issuer’s policies on foreign exchanges and the fees they may charge you.

CoinMetro charges a percentage fee based on your card’s country of issue:

When choosing to pay by credit card, we also require you to provide your residential address verification by filling out an address form.

After you have submitted your address information, or if this has been provided before, the next screen will allow you to enter the amount you'd like to deposit. Then you will be redirected to our payment processor. Visa or MasterCard are accepted with a minimum deposit of €10. The maximum possible deposit amount per transaction is 5,000 EUR/GBP.

Please note, pre-paid or virtual card deposits are not accepted and your funds will be returned to you at your expense.

Failed credit/debit card deposits

If you receive a declined notice when attempting to make your card payment, it is typically due to the card issuer. Rarely does a payment fail due to technical issues within the authorization flow.

Typically, if your card transaction is unsuccessful, it will be due to one of the common reasons below:

  • The cardholder's name does not match the account name.

  • The card is not valid for e-commerce, cryptocurrency, or foreign transactions.

  • The card is not enrolled for 3D Secure transactions.

  • Insufficient funds or exceeded card limits.

  • The cardholder entered the wrong 3D Secure password.

  • Cardholders entered the wrong CVC code or expiry date.

  • The card is expired.

  • A card is a prepaid card.

  • A repeated amount of small transactions were sent.

  • The amount is more than 5,000 EUR/GBP.

Before depositing fiat currencies, remember to complete your profile verification first as CoinMetro is a licensed and regulated exchange.

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