Depositing cryptocurrencies to your CoinMetro account is as easy as 1-2-3.

First, make sure that you are successfully verified and able to deposit into your CoinMetro account. As CoinMetro is a licensed exchange, we require customers to complete verification to deposit cryptocurrencies. How do I verify my profile?

Second, head over to your CoinMetro Dashboard, click Deposit, and select the cryptocurrency you’d like to deposit.

Note: As CoinMetro uses smart contracts for Ethereum and ERC-20 token deposits, the amount of gas required is slightly higher than a typical transfer. To be sure that your transaction is successful, please set the transaction gas limit to 35,000 (55,000 for QNT/ETH/XCM). The fee difference is minimal. If your gas limit is too low, the transaction will simply be rejected by the Ethereum network. There is no risk for loss of assets caused by a too low gas limit.

Once a selection has been made, you will see the wallet address and QR code for the currency.

Lastly, you’ll need to send us your funds from an exchange or external wallet that belongs to you. We can’t accept funds from third parties.

Once you’ve sent funds, CoinMetro has some of the quickest transaction times and there is no fee to deposit cryptocurrencies.

Our Finance team reviews transactions once they arrive to us. Occasionally, we may ask for additional verification information as we strive to remain compliant with banking regulations and standards.

Our support team is available around the clock - if you have any questions or feedback, simply click the blue chat bubble in the corner of any CoinMetro page to contact us. If you cannot see the chat bubble, please disable browser plugins.

Feel free to also email us at - we will respond within minutes!

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