The Coinmetro Exchange Platform offers more precision and more control over trading than the Dashboard Swap Widget. If you would like to start trading with more precision than just buying and selling, or if you'd just like a quick breakdown of Coinmetro's Exchange platform, you've come to the right place!

The Coinmetro Exchange Platform can be accessed by selecting the Exchange tab from either your Coinmetro Dashboard or the Markets page. You now have the option to either use the Classic Exchange Platform, or the Beta Exchange.

Why use the Exchange Platform?

When using the Dashboard Swap Widget, you can very easily buy or sell cryptocurrency at a fixed price, making it perfect for quick trades at the best available price. The Exchange Platform instead offers much more precise trading, placing orders at various price points to be traded in the future, and more:

  • Buy or sell at the best available price, just like Dashboard Swap Widget (Market Order),

  • View price charts with built-in trading indicators,

  • View order books for all orders for trading pairs, showing at what prices other traders are looking to buy or sell,

  • Place Limit Orders, allowing you to place an order to be filled at a specific price,

  • Place Stop Orders to limit losses in case the market moves against you,

  • See an easy overview of your pending and previous orders.

Exchange layout

Please note - to enable stop orders and finer order control such as allowing partial fills, this must be enabled from the settings menu, available via the cogwheel.

Enable advanced orders

Coinmetro’s Demo Platform is always available if you would like to practice without risk. Please note that this article is not to be seen as trading or financial advice. It is for educational purposes only.

As Coinmetro is a licensed and regulated exchange, you will need to ensure that you have completed Profile Verification before you are able to buy, sell, deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies.

Account not verified yet?

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