With your Coinmetro account created and your profile verification completed, you are now ready to make your first cryptocurrency purchase on the Coinmetro platform!

Fund your account

Firstly, you'll need to fund your account with either fiat or cryptocurrency. For all information on how you can make a deposit, please visit our Help Center articles here. We offer both credit card and bank transfer options for fiat deposits.

For cryptocurrency deposits, please ensure that you follow the instructions correctly depending on which currency you are depositing. Some cryptocurrencies require a little more information than usual to make a deposit. One example of this is XRP, where you also need to take into account the destination tag.

With funds in your account, you can now make your first cryptocurrency purchase on the Coinmetro platform!

The Coinmetro Swap Widget (suitable for beginners)

Located on your Dashboard, or on the Swap page if you are using the Coinmetro mobile app, the Coinmetro Swap Widget is the quickest and easiest way to buy cryptocurrency assets. Coinmetro offers a fixed rate for 30 seconds, with a swap markup of 2.00%.

The limit on the Swap Widget is €500 (or equivalent). This is due to the Swap Widget offering a guaranteed price for 30 seconds. This is not an account limit but just the limit per trade. With two different order books and a fixed price, the price can be volatile.

Please note that we have disabled the swap feature for certain assets due to liquidity. This is to protect you from any slippage that may happen when purchasing an asset.

Coinmetro Exchange Platform

Coinmetro's Exchange Platform allows you to buy cryptocurrencies with more control and data available. The Exchange Platform is suitable for those who would like to have a better overview of their trading. Limit orders, charts, order books, and much more are available.

For all information on how you can get started with using the Coinmetro Exchange Platform, please visit our Help Center article here.

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