What is the Coinmetro Token (XCM)?

XCM is the cryptocurrency that powers the Coinmetro Ecosystem. XCM offers various benefits to its holders, and also value to Coinmetro users.

The XCM token is directly tied in with platform activity and automatically contributes to the demand for XCM:

  • 100% of all fees on the platform will be used to purchase XCM directly from the market, meaning automated demand for XCM scaling with platform growth;

  • 1-50% (based on different factors) of each XCM fee conversion will be vaulted and taken out of the circulating supply.

XCM - ERC-20 token details

XCM is an ERC-20 token. Your XCM tokens can safely be stored in your Coinmetro account, but can also be withdrawn to any ERC-20 compatible wallet; however, we advise against withdrawing XCM as it serves no purpose outside of the platform, and increases the risk of loss.

Contract Address: 0x36ac219f90f5a6a3c77f2a7b660e3cc701f68e25

Decimals: 18

The XCM Staking Program

In addition to the above, all users that Stake XCM at Coinmetro are assigned to a Tier depending on how many XCM they stake. Staking your XCM comes with many benefits and bonuses;

  • Rebates and Tiers

    From just staking your XCM at Coinmetro, you can earn up to 20% of your Exchange, Margin and TraM fees back in XCM! In addition to this, you can also make up to a 50% Maker Bonus.

  • Receive a Passive Income

    All users who Stake XCM at Coinmetro also receive a passive income in XCM and other bonus tokens, starting with Kadena (KDA). We’ll add FLUX (FLUX), ThoughtAI (THT) and Vesper Finance (VSP) in the short term, with many more coming soon thereafter.

Earn XCM as an Affiliate!

Coinmetro also offers users the chance to earn XCM by inviting friends to join Coinmetro. You can invite as many people as you want! You earn 40% commission from all the fees they pay on the platform. In addition to this, you also get 10% from your referrals' referrals!

XCM trading pairs available on the Coinmetro Exchange Platform:

Coinmetro will not pursue a listing of XCM elsewhere. XCM is Coinmetro's native cryptocurrency and has no utility outside of the Coinmetro platform.

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