Here, you can find some more in-depth information about our Trade Mirror (TraM) system. You can find our other TraM articles in case you are looking for more information in the Coinmetro Help Center.

Tab Overview

  • General Stats contains data submitted by the TraM manager, as well as data generated by trading and follower activity. The chart displays the TraM performance over the past 30 days, with 100 being 100% and the baseline, i.e. no loss or gain.

  • Advanced Stats will display the trading overview of the TraM. The manager may have chosen to hide this data. All data is based on the total funds in the TraM. Positions, Open Orders, and Order History can be found here.

  • My TraM Trades shares the layout with the Advanced Stats, but will only reflect your mirrored activity.

  • My TraM Wallet lists all realized P/L (Profit and/or Loss) applied to your wallet,  as well as your withdrawals and/or deposits.

Who are the TraM managers?

Our public TraM managers have gone through a vetting process and their trading history has been screened to verify that they are indeed profitable traders, fit for our public TraM listings. The managers have also completed the full profile verification with Coinmetro. Private TraMs are not screened, and can only be accessed via the direct link.

TraM managers trade using a version of our Margin platform, with 1.5:1 leverage. The TraM trading platform allows only trading on the main pairs where we have a high amount of liquidity available: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, with EUR, USD or GBP Fiat. The platform allows for longing and shorting of assets, and usage of Take Profit and Stop-Loss. The margin fees are 0.0822% of negative exposure only, taken from the balance daily.

With funds allocated, there is nothing else to do except sit back, relax, and periodically review the performance. You can at any time withdraw all, or part of, your funds.

What can you do to improve your TraM experience?

By Staking XCM and upgrading your Tier, you can reduce the TraM fees by up to 20%. You can upgrade your account only by locking XCM. Similar to the TraM ticket, the XCM can be unlocked at any point. Apart from that, there is not much you can do except enjoy the ride!


I just joined a TraM. Why is my TraM Trades page empty?

When you allocate funds, you will not enter into any currently open positions or orders (meaning, your My TraM Trades page will be empty, regardless of how the TraM currently looks in Advanced Stats).

When the manager places an order, you will place the same order together with the manager, at the same price. In case the order is only partially filled, then the order size will be proportionally distributed among all followers based on how much of their allocated funds are held in the TraM. Therefore, you will always have the same entry and exit prices as the manager.

What is a Position and what is P/L?

A filled order will be tracked as a position. As long as the position remains open, any profit or loss is unrealized. For example, this means that a trade can go into negative, before it goes into positive, at which point the manager can close the position. Only when the position is closed, will any Profit/Loss be applied to your wallets. You cannot close a position yourself unless it's closed by leaving the TraM.

What are the TraM fees?

So, let’s say a position was closed at a profit. The TraM fees will only apply in case your TraM balance reaches a new all-time-high value. This is known as High-Water Mark and ensures that the manager is only paid when you make a profit. The fee can be chosen by the manager, and the options are 5, 10, 15, 20, 25%, and is visible when you join the TraM. Coinmetro will also charge a fee of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5% respectively.

What if a position was closed at a loss?

Please keep in mind that even professional traders can make bad trades. Traders can limit their losses and lock in profits by utilizing Stop Losses/Take Profit points. The manager will not receive the fee from the loss, and as this brings down the High-Water Mark of your funds, the manager will not receive any fee before your allocation increases above your most recent all-time-high. It is possible, while highly unlikely, that one or multiple positions could be in negative Profit/Loss to the point that withdrawing your allocated funds would give you only a small portion of your original funds.

Can I withdraw my funds with positions open?

In case you were to withdraw your funds with positions open, the open positions would be closed. What this means is that an opposite trade of each position will be placed at market price. This will realize the Profit/Loss of all your currently open positions, which can be seen in My TraM Trades. If your open Profit/Loss is -€100 and your allocation is €1,000, you would receive approximately €900 if you were to withdraw the full amount.

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