Welcome to CoinMetro! We are happy to have you on board!

As we would like for you to fully experience all of what CoinMetro has to offer, we have put together an article outlining the CoinMetro journey.


The first step on your CoinMetro journey is to onboard the train. Our super—smooth sign-up process will let you open an account within a minute. Create your CoinMetro account here!

Once you have created your account, the next step is to head over to your profile page and verify your CoinMetro profile. You can access the profile page by opening the Navigation menu. Only the first tier is required before you can fund your account with cryptocurrencies and start trading. Our dedicated team will begin reviewing your profile within minutes!

Profile verified and ready to roll? First stop: Funding!

So your profile is verified and your account is ready! The next step is to fund your account. Head over to the GO! Dashboard and click “Deposit”. You can now select whether you want to deposit via cryptocurrency, VISA/Mastercard, or SEPA. (Check out our low fees!)

Cryptocurrency and card deposits are generally credited within 20 minutes, depending on which cryptocurrency you deposit. Some cryptocurrencies may take longer than others. SEPA deposits are often credited within a banking day, sometimes two as our banking provider does not support instant SEPA transfers. More fiat deposit options are available with more coming soon.


Account funded? Next stop: Trading!

We have what you are looking for — whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional trader!

The CoinMetro trading experience is divided into three different platforms:

  • Buy/Sell — This allows you to buy any of our cryptocurrencies at a fair market price, with just three easy clicks right from the dashboard!

  • Exchange — for those who would like to have a better overview of their trading. Limit orders, charts, order books, and more!

  • Margin — here you can trade on leverage, short assets, track your positions with a floating P/L, and find other functionality that you would expect.

You can safely hold any and all of your cryptocurrencies in your CoinMetro wallet.


So, cool trading platforms, but that’s not unique. What else? Glad you asked!

Our Trade Mirror (TraM) system allows your assets to work for you! The concept of a trade mirror is simple — pick a TraM based on factors such as performance or strategy — allocate EUR or BTC — and let a professional manager trade for you! The manager is only paid a fee of your profit once they close a trade that increases your allocated funds’ “all-time-high” value.

Read more about CoinMetro’s TraM system here!

Prefer to do your own trading? We got something for you, too! Our Rebates and Tiers will give you great benefits and discounts:

  • Get up to 25% of your fees paid back to you in XCM!

  • Get paid to trade! Up to 50% maker’s bonus (orders that add liquidity into the book).

  • Open your very own private TraM!

How? All you need to do is to lock some of your XCM inside the Rebates system. Don’t worry — the XCM can be unlocked at any time!

Read more about CoinMetro’s Rebates and Tiers here!

Enter now: XCM, the power behind the CoinMetro exchange!

Not only does CoinMetro offer to trade for clients of all experience levels, along with new and exciting features — we also have our very own cryptocurrency. 

What is the XCM token? The XCM token is CoinMetro’s unique cryptocurrency. Many aspects of our platform have a direct tie with the XCM token! Such as:

Fees — 100% of all the trading fees will be used to purchase XCM directly from the market! 1-50% of each conversion will be vaulted away for an indefinite period of time, effectively taken out of the circulating supply. As the trading volume increases, so will automated market buying.

Rebates and Tiers — to enjoy rebates and tier benefits, one only needs to lock some XCM tokens — and they can be unlocked at any time.

So why not buy some XCM — and with the XCM safely held in your CoinMetro wallet, you can enjoy the utility offered — by unlocking the tiered benefits, and you can sell the XCM back to the market at any time in the future!


We hope that this article helped you understand more of the value offered by the CoinMetro ecosystem!

Our support team is available around the clock — if you have any questions or feedback, simply click the blue chat bubble in the corner of any CoinMetro page to contact us! (If you cannot see the chat bubble, please disable browser plugins).

You can also email us at hello@coinmetro.com and we will respond to you within minutes!

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