All users that Stake XCM at Coinmetro are assigned to a Tier depending on how many XCM they stake.

There are three tiers that can be enabled for your account by Staking your XCM:

  • Tier 1: 10,000 XCM

  • Tier 2: 25,000 XCM

  • Tier 3: 50,000 XCM.

Ready to start earning rebates and bonuses?

What are Rebates?

One of the main perks of staking your XCM is that you receive rebates on the fees you pay when trading. Rebates apply to various platform fees taken when trading and a percentage of the fee will be paid back to you in XCM. The percentage paid back depends on which Tier you are in. Details on this and additional perks and bonuses for Tiers can be seen in the photo below.

Exchange Platform and Margin Rebates

A percentage of any exchange fees, as well as margin lending fees you pay on the platform, are paid back in rebates—either 5%, 10%, or 20%.

TraM Fee Rebates

As a TraM follower, a portion of the TraM performance fees are paid back in rebates—either 0%, 10%, or 20%/.

Start your own TraM

Upgrading your Tier to a minimum of Tier 1 will allow you to open 1, 2 or even 3 TraMs.

Maker Bonus

Get paid to trade! The maker bonus will pay you either 30%, 40%, or 50% equivalent to the fees paid by the taker of your order.

Bond Interest Rate

The Coinmetro Bond yearly interest rate is 8% and is paid on a daily basis. By staking your XCM and entering an account tier, that yearly interest rate is increased to either 9%, 10%, or 11%!

How can I claim my rebates?

To claim your rebates, simply head to your Coinmetro Dashboard and on the right-hand side, you will find your current Tier information and any pending rebates waiting to be claimed. Simply click on Claim Rebates and the XCM will automatically be added to your wallet balances!

Alternatively, you can head to the XCM Staking Platform and scroll down to the XCM Rebates section. Then, click on Claim Rebates.

Coinmetro and the XCM ecosystem never stop growing! We will be offering more rebates and perks in the future as we launch new exciting products and services.

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