In just a few clicks, you can have your own private TraM up and running, and ready to share with your friends and followers! If you would like to appear on our public TraM list, let us know by email at

Firstly, in order to open a TraM, you will need to stake a minimum of 10,000 XCM to upgrade to at least Tier 1. Then, head into the Copy trading platform and select 'Open a New Mirror'.

Now, it’s time to describe your TraM. Tell us, what is your strategy?

Fill out the details of your TraM, and then create it. For the TraM to be joined by others via the invitation link, you need to allocate a minimum of €500

With your TraM live and funds allocated, you can access the trading platform, or manage funds via 'Your Mirrors' on the Copy Trading platform.

Clicking Trade will bring you to the Pro TraM platform. With the total allocated fund available as collateral. The leverage will be automatically set to 1.5x (this may change in the future).

All your trades using the Pro TraM will be mirrored in your TraM followers’ wallets!

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