The first step on the journey of making a passive income using Coinmetro’s Trade Mirror (TraM) system is to make sure that your account has the funds necessary to allocate into your TraM trading wallets.

At the moment, the following fiat and cryptocurrencies can be used to fund a TraM:

  • USD

  • EUR

  • GBP

  • BTC

  • ETH

  • XTZ

  • XLM

  • XCM

  • QNT

  • LUNA

  • LINK

Pick a TraM for your investment based on your own criteria.  Perhaps you are a risk-taker looking for a TraM trading those volatile altcoins? Or maybe you’re looking for a low-risk portfolio focused on the major cryptocurrencies.

How to Follow a TraM

The TraM platform can be accessed via the navigation menu inside the GO! Platform.

On the TraM Dashboard, you will be presented with a list of all public mirrors. These are generally individual traders, algo-traders or institutional grade traders. By default, the public TraMs are sorted by Performance. The listed view gives a simple overview of performance, number of followers, and allocated capital.

By clicking anywhere on the TraM panel, you are presented with more detailed information about the TraM. Once you have found a TraM you would like to invest in, the next step is to allocate funds.

How to allocate funds to a TraM

Inside the detailed view of our chosen TraM, the first step is to click the Join button.

This will open the menu, where you choose the asset (EUR or BTC) amount to allocate. With this filled in, simply hit Allocate funds. Done? Now you’re trading!

Each position opened and or closed by the TraM manager, will be mirrored proportionally inside your TraM wallet. You can review your TraM positions on the My TraM Trades page.


What is the minimum I can allocate?

The minimum amount that can be allocated to a TraM is decided by the TraM manager, with 50 EUR/0.005 BTC being the minimum.

How can I exit the TraM?

If you have funds allocated to a TraM, you will see Adjust allocation. Within this menu, you can either allocate funds or remove funds. Removed funds will be available instantly in your EUR or BTC wallet. Please keep in mind your unrealized P/L of your open positions when removing allocated funds.

Be aware that the cryptocurrency market is volatile, and even professional traders can lose money.

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