Coinmetro allows clients to hold, deposit, exchange, and withdraw a multitude of different cryptocurrencies.

Markets Page

In your Coinmetro account, you can see our supported cryptocurrencies on the Markets page, either by listed assets or our trading pairs.

You can search for any specific cryptocurrencies using the Filter Search option.

You can also mark your favourite cryptocurrencies, and also filter which cryptocurrencies you would like to see - your favourites; newest listings or your owned assets.

You can also view the full list of listed cryptocurrency assets on our Help Center here.

All cryptocurrencies listed at Coinmetro have passed the highest regulatory compliance checks by Coinmetro’s departments and banking partners. Listed cryptocurrencies are tradable in major fiat and crypto pairs.

Want to get listed?

Are you involved with a cryptocurrency project that would make a good candidate on Coinmetro’s cryptocurrency list? Send us an e-mail at Coinmetro will review all applications from the legal and marketing aspects.

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