CoinMetro allows clients to hold, deposit, exchange and withdraw a multitude of different cryptocurrencies and Euro.

All cryptocurrencies within CoinMetro have passed the highest regulatory compliance checks by CoinMetro’s departments and banking partners. Listed cryptocurrencies are tradable in major fiat and crypto pairs.

Cryptocurrency Confirmations/Estimated time

Bitcoin                             6/60 minutes                    Trade BTC

Litecoin                           12/30 minutes                   Trade LTC

Bitcoin Cash                  15/150 minutes                  Trade BCH

Stellar Lumens                Near-Instant                     Trade XLM

Ripple                              Near-Instant                     Trade XRP

Ethereum and Ethereum-based tokens require 40 confirmations/8 minutes.

Ethereum                                                                   Trade ETH

CoinMetro (XCM)                                                      Trade XCM

OmiseGo                                                                   Trade OMG

Chainlink                                                                   Trade LINK

EnjinCoin                                                                   Trade ENJ

Basic Attention Token                                              Trade BAT

Parsiq                                                                         Trade PRQ

Quant*                                                                        Trade QNT

*Mainnet tokens are not yet supported.

The transaction's confirmations count depends on how many network nodes have confirmed the transaction. CoinMetro cannot speed up the network confirmation time. Higher transaction fees may increase the likelihood of your transaction being processed faster. Block speed differs between blockchains.

For more information about our trading fees to trade these digital assets take a look at our fees in this section here.

New listings.

Are you involved with a cryptocurrency project that would make a good candidate on CoinMetro’s cryptocurrency list? Send us an e-mail at! CoinMetro will review all applications from a legal and marketing aspect. There are no listing fees, instead, all CoinMetro’s listings meet high standards.

If you have any questions about our cryptocurrencies, deposits, trading or withdrawals, we are always here to assist you. 

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-CoinMetro's Customer Support

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