PARSIQ is a unique intuitive blockchain analytics platform, allowing you to leverage events on the blockchain by turning them into customizable Smart-Triggers.
Traders, developers, institutions or individuals alike can all benefit from PARSIQ’s valuable market intelligence and forensics data.

PARSIQ is designed as an open platform accessible and extensible for everyone.

The intuitive GUI provides the primitives to implement very sophisticated Smart-Triggers through a domain specific language. It is entirely possible to expose a significant subset of these primitives, at the graphical user interface layer. Doing so, allows non-expert users to set up their triggers easily.

The platform provides a transparent way of obtaining an analytical view of the transaction history on different blockchains. It also provides real-time monitoring of accounts, transactions, and related blockchain state.

The full list of features PARSIQ offers and benefits of owning PRQ tokens go beyond the scope of a short article.  For more information please visit:  and

How to participate in the PARSIQ IEO with CoinMetro.

1. Register a user account at and complete the required Know Your Customer (KYC) forms. PRQ tokens will be offered only on the CoinMetro exchange platform.

2. Deposit funds to the CoinMetro platform via the Deposit panel. If you deposited funds in any currency other than EUR, BTC or ETH, you will need to exchange them first to the aforementioned currencies to purchase PRQ.

3. Participate. To be able to participate in the Whitelist Sale, purchase 100 XCM (if you do not already hold any) and lock them in for the duration of the sale using the Lock button.

4. Buy PRQ.  Now you will be able to buy PRQ tokens. Choose the amount of EUR, BTC or ETH that you wish to sell and you will see the indicative amount of PRQ tokens that you will receive in return.

How does the Ambassador program work?

Yes, we have a referrer bonus!

How can I earn more PRQ?

  1. Purchase 4,000 PRQ during the Primary Issuance

2. Share your referral link to a friend
3. Receive your bonus PRQ*
*The referral bonus will be vested for 3 months (starting from PRQlisting date on CoinMetro). There are a limited amount of Referrer Bonuses available.

The Bonus pool consists of 500 x 500 PRQ for each New Referred User
(new CoinMetro user) and 1,000 x 250 PRQ for each Referred User (existing CoinMetro user). 500,000 PRQ in total with EUR value of 12,500 euros.

For more on this and PARSIQ tokens you can also find an FAQ section at the end of the page: and Telegram group:

Additional links:

If you have any other questions for us, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will be very glad to assist to ensure the PRQ sale is a success.

Best regards,

-CoinMetro's Customer Support

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