PARSIQ is a unique intuitive blockchain analytics platform, allowing you to leverage events on the blockchain by turning them into customizable Smart-Triggers.
Traders, developers, institutions or individuals alike can all benefit from PARSIQ’s valuable market intelligence and forensics data.

PARSIQ is designed as an open platform accessible and extensible for everyone.

The intuitive GUI provides the primitives to implement very sophisticated Smart-Triggers through a domain specific language. It is entirely possible to expose a significant subset of these primitives, at the graphical user interface layer. Doing so, allows non-expert users to set up their triggers easily.

The platform provides a transparent way of obtaining an analytical view of the transaction history on different blockchains. It also provides real-time monitoring of accounts, transactions, and related blockchain state.

The full list of features PARSIQ offers and benefits of owning PRQ tokens go beyond the scope of a short article.  For more information please visit: and

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