This is a common problem many of us experience. It is very frustrating when you cannot get your newsletters, important emails, or verification links.

In this article, we will detail some steps you can use to check your emailing service and try to get those elusive messages to appear in your inbox.

1. Spam filters or blacklists  

Be sure to check your inbox settings, maybe your mailing settings listed the message as spam and filtered all the incoming email from a specified sender. You will have to check your mailing provider on how to check these settings, as they differ slightly from provider to provider.

To note, these emails might be sent to your spam folder, be sure to check it if you are missing some messages.

Also, the e-mail service you use can have different tabs for different types of e-mails coming into your inbox.  For example, beside having the Primary mail tab Gmail also uses a Social tab, Promotional tab, and an Updates tab. If you are supposed to receive an e-mail from us and you do not find that e-mail in your primary mail in the Inbox, please check these various tabs as it might have gone there.

2. Possible suppression or email blocks

Your email might be potentially blocked if you send too many requests, and do not open any of the messages. Here at CoinMetro, we have encountered such circumstances where users did not receive their emails because our system suppressed their email account, due to the messages not being opened.

Be aware that providers value their desirability and to ensure that they only send out messages to active inboxes, automatic systems of different kinds might be in place.

3. Programs and software interference

If you have Anti-virus software or some 3rd party programs that could potentially filter your inbox, make sure to check the settings of these programs and what criteria are set on them.

This could be relevant for work computers, as they do have these systems in place more often to block unwanted messages or potential security issues.

These could also be marked if the message has attachments in it, suppressing the message, deleting it or both.

4. Input mistakes or misspelling

This is more of a heads up, but always double check the address and ensure that it is the right one. Always a good rule of thumb and the easiest way of ensuring that you receive or send a message.

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