To request a withdrawal, your account profile needs to be verified as well as having the funds to cover your withdrawal. A withdrawal can be initiated only via the Dashboard > Withdraw popup. Withdrawals can at most take up to 24 hours to be processed, but generally a withdrawal will be approved and sent out within minutes.

The first time a withdrawal is made to a destination, the destination needs to be verified via e-mail. Please go to your e-mail account and click the button in the e-mail that says Please Confirm Your New Withdrawal Destination and login to the platform to verify the destination. Subsequent withdrawals to the same destination will not require email verification in the future.

If you have 2-Factor Authentication enabled for withdrawals, you will be asked to input the code for each withdrawal, approved or not. We suggest enabling 2-Factor Authentication to protect your account.

With the withdrawal destination confirmed, you can also save it so that you don't have to input the address manually for future withdrawals to the same destination.

With the destination saved, the next time you wish to make a withdrawal, you can select the currency and fill in the destination details with just a click of your mouse.

Withdrawals can be cancelled and withdrawal status can be found by selecting the wallet on the GO! Dashboard. Approved withdrawals cannot be cancelled. If there is no Cancel button, there should be a transaction ID (TXID). This is a link to the relevant tx hash (Transaction Hash) on a blockchain explorer website.

It is advised to withdraw only to a destination that you possess full access to, not to an exchange or for making payments.

Our support team is available around the clock - if you have any questions or feedback, simply click the blue chat bubble in the corner of any CoinMetro page to contact us. If you cannot see the chat bubble, please disable browser plugins.

Feel free to also email us at - we will respond within minutes!

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