Below we will detail some security tips and information in relation to the parts of a standart account. This can also be applied on multiple platforms and multiple systems, which will more than likely double the security protection of your accounts. 


  • Do not use easily identifiable words or numbers (famous dates, birthdays, real life words, repeating, identifiable word/number patterns);
  • Saving passwords to a browsers cache is one of the main ways they get compromised;
  • Making strong passwords, meaning to use a random combination of numbers and letter (upper and lowercase). Remembering them might be a challenge, or you can use a trusted password management service that can guarantee their security.


  •  The most vulnerable part of your account on most cases;
  • Usually the first thing that gets compromised;
  • Keeping your email safe and accessible, usually guarantees that you have the ability to reset your account;
  • Overlooking email security could lead to multiple accounts being compromised that are assigned to said email;
  • The person who has access to the email will, most likely, have access to reset the account password and possibly other account information. 
  • The more an email is used to register accounts, the more it is exposed to the risk of being exposed and compromised; 

Additional security:

  • 2FA, the most accessible and popular tool used by most account providers to secure your individual login, if done right, makes your account almost uncompromisable, just be mindful to use a secure and trusted authentification app and follow proper procedure when moving it to another device;
  • SMS verification, ties your account additionally to your mobile number.
  • IP Verification: This helps us ensure that your account is not accessed by 3rd parties associated commonly identifiable risk related 
  • Password management service, this is a way to go to have complicated passwords saved in a system for easy accessibility and security. Although, you are trusting a 3rd party to keep your data safe.
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