Coinmetro offers both Web Socket and Rest API connectivity. Our latest rest API documentation can be found by clicking the button below.


The POSTman documentation of the REST API can be found here.

If you are interested in using the REST API and you would like a basic guide on the open-source program widely used to load these environments, a good place to start on Postman is available here.

Roundings and Multipliers

The prices and quantities in the book are rounded to a finite number of digits.

  • Roundings for all assets

    The most current roundings for all assets can be found by clicking the button below:

  • Roundings for all pairs

    The most current roundings for all pairs can be found by clicking the button below:


If you'd prefer to subscribe to a WebSocket channel, the WebSockets can be accessed at:

wss:// (live environment)

wss:// (demo environment)

The connection supports two arguments in the query string.

pairs: Comma separated list of pairs for which book update subscription is requested
token: JWT token generated through one of the login paths. For long-lived tokens, use token={deviceId}:{token}

Both parameters are optional. Both parameters are optional. Requests for account information, balances, wallets or posting orders, can only be done through the use of authenticated WebSockets or tokens (i.e. the connection string includes a valid token query parameter).

API limits for limited endpoints can be found in the documentation here.

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