It could take a while to process your request if it is Source of Wealth related, given the current number of inquiries and the amount of users pending at the moment. Also, please allow for even lower amounts of working hours outside of normal office hours or Holidays, additionally,..

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Source of Wealth describes the way (or ways) in which you accumulated the money being used to fund your CoinMetro account either during the ICO or for transactions over 15 thousand euros.

This would mean you trace back the origins of the funds, so if you donated with a cryptocurrency from an Exchange that you bought with your salary, then you need the trading history of the crypto bought or traded on that exchange, the and all transactions documents leading to the salary statements at that time.

This will be examined on a case by case basis, with all the information available by our Compliance department, and factors in all aspects of the customer. From physical location to activity on banking, credit cards and the exchange.

If you have sent us your Source of Wealth and it is still pending. Please, we ask for your patience, as this is a delicate process to properly check the sent documents case by case.

 Please note that, if you're an ICO contributor that contributed over 10 thousand euros, we would need to verify your Source of Wealth documentation that would stipulate the origins of the funds you used in your contribution of XCM.

Here is the guideline for Source of Wealth documents.

If you have any other questions for us, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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