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All listed cryptocurrencies on CoinMetro can be traded using Limit orders, and in most cases, using Market orders.

A limit order allows you to place an order to be executed at a specific price or better. In comparison, Market orders are always executed at the best offer available.

Limit orders can be placed using our Exchange platform. This platform offers all the basics a new trader could need, as well as functionalities that more advanced traders would draw advantage of.

Inside the our Exchange platform, the Order Form can be seen on the left side of the page.

In this example, we will place an order to sell our Bitcoin at the price of €9000 per Bitcoin.

We will now place our order. Please bring your attention to the Order Form.

Select which currency you wish to buy or sell, and select which currency you wish to receive.

Switch Order Type to “Limit”,  and insert the price at which you want to place your order.(This will execute at that price or better: Lower when buying, or higher when selling)

The next field is how much we want to buy or sell. There is also a field showing the equivalent value in the Receiving currency, in case you wish to receive an exact amount.

By clicking the Buy or Sell button, our order will be placed into the book.

The order would now be displayed inside the order book.

Please keep in mind that a Limit order means that the order is placed into the order book and waiting to be filled at your specified price (or better as discussed in the note above).

Depending on the price, it can take some time for your order to fill, or it could be that the price never reaches that point and you therefore would like to cancel the order and place a new one to enter a trade.

CoinMetro’s Demo Platform is always available if you would like to practice.

If you have any other questions for us, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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