Coinmetro has implemented a profile verification procedure to respect rapidly evolving international regulations and to protect itself and its clients. By following the profile verification procedure, you will be protected from legal risks and will receive a more stable level of service.

Proof of Identification

In order for us to verify your profile and get you set up for ready trading with us, we will require you to submit a photo of yourself and an acceptable identification document. These photos are captured live with our profile verification software.

Acceptable documents for your proof of identity:

  • Passports are accepted from any country we are licensed to serve;

  • Driver's licenses are accepted from almost all countries, with a few exceptions;

  • Identity cards are accepted within most of the European Economic Area and EU countries.

Please note that we cannot accept anything other than the above-listed documents as proof of identification. Your account will show the available options for your country; please do not upload any document other than the options shown.

How to Get Started

To get started with the Profile Verification process, simply head to your Coinmetro Dashboard and click 'Verify My Account'.

Please note - for additional security you will be prompted to verify this via email and SMS, or by scanning the provided QR code. This page will not unlock until you have done so. The process will then need to be completed on a mobile device or tablet.

Tips for Identification Document Submission:

  • The ID document used must still be valid at the time of being uploaded. Should the document expire in the near future, you will be required to provide an updated document before the expiry date is reached,

  • There should be no evidence of manipulation, edits, watermarks, impediments, etc. on the document,

  • Make sure that the document is fully visible and in focus so we can see all details (including your first and last name, date of birth, ID number, signature, and both issue and expiry date),

  • Switch off the flash on your camera/device to avoid any glare, and ensure there is sufficient lighting in the room,

  • Please ensure the device you are using can support taking photos with a high photo resolution. If this is not possible - please try using a different device,

  • If using an ID card or driver's license, we need to be able to see both sides of the document as well as the four outside corners. You will be required to upload images of both the front and back of the document,

  • If using a passport, both the top and bottom pages must be fully visible, as well as the four outside corners,

  • The image cannot be scanned, modified or altered from its original form.

Tips for a Good Selfie:

  • Natural sunlight is better than artificial light,

  • Use a plain-coloured, solid background,

  • Avoid uploading any blurry/low-quality images. Please ensure the device you are using can support taking photos with a high photo resolution. If this is not possible - please try using a different device.

Proof of Address

As Coinmetro is a secure and regulated exchange, we require you to provide your full and complete residential address. In some instances, we may require you to provide proof of address for additional verification purposes.

Acceptable address documents include:

  • utility bills (gas, water or electric) dated within the past 3 months;

  • bank statements dated within the past 3 months;

  • tax income letters dated within the past year;

  • rent/lease agreements.

Please note that we are unfortunately unable to accept any documents that are not stated on the list above.

Source of Wealth (required for Tier 2 - unlimited deposits and withdrawals)

Source of wealth describes the way in which you accumulated the money being used to fund your Coinmetro account. Source of wealth documentation is required when monthly deposits/withdraws exceed €500 000 or equivalent combined.

Source of Wealth can also be required for other reasons, for example, related to account activity. You can submit your source of wealth at any time, but if you do not intend to exceed the monthly limit, submitting a source of wealth document is not necessary.

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