Even though we do recommend that you have two factor authentication parameters enabled in your account, it is possible that on occasion you may have to temporarily disable them. If you wish to do so, please log in to access your account, and once logged in, on the top-left corner of your Dashboard click on the navigation bar and from there you can access your Security section.

Remove the option by selecting the button from the Sign-in setting to disable 2FA.
After this, you will be prompted to follow a set of instructions designed in accordance with the latest security standards to be able to disable this setting.

Alternatively, if you have lost access to the account, please note that you will have to follow a procedure to ensure your account is secure, if that is the case please do contact us in support at the earliest of your convinience and we will reply to you very shortly.

We hope this answered your question, do not hesitate to contact us via the live chat on the lower right corner of your screen or through our e-mail hello@coinmetro.com. You will receive a reponse from us in a few minutes.

Best regards,

-CoinMetro's Customer Support

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