CoinMetro is a fast, easy, fully licensed and compliant platform that provides a link between traditional finance and the digital asset economy.

The core of the platform it's a robust internal matching engine

The CoinMetro Ecosystem is comprised of three main parts: an exchange, a trading platform, and a turnkey ICO Express framework. 

An all-in-one solution for cryptocurrencies geared towards maximizing client value, features of the CoinMetro platform include:

  • A fast, intuitive, fully licensed exchange
  • Founded by the team from FXPIG, an established FX broker
  • Multiple streams of liquidity 
  • Easy buying, selling and investing in all currencies
  • Amazing 24/7 by the minute customer support
  • A feature-rich, GUI trading platform 
  • Easy to understand, easy to use, and accessible to all
  • Unique digital asset investment opportunities (TAM, ETCF’s) 
  • Turnkey ICO Express solution

Unlike many other exchanges we intend to be a compliant bridge over many seas, continents and borders of Cryptocurrencies and Fiat. And we cannot do so unless we remain fully compliant with the latest banking verification requirements that are requested from us. This belief is in our core bussiness goals and the way we operate, given the years of experience and seeing how regulations have come to other industries.

All services are accessible via a streamlined web application with a stunning UI, great user experience and full integration with industry-leading blockchain platforms.

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