What does ETCF mean?
In the world of traditional investing, there is something called an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). Coming from the financial sector, the CoinMetro Team wanted to apply some of the ideas of this trading model to the world of digital assets. So, we created our own, innovative concept: Electronically Traded Crypto Funds. 

How does it work?
Let's say, for example, you're really interested in the potential applications for block-chain technology in the healthcare industry. But, you're also way too busy to devote a lot of time to research all of the different players in this space. Or, maybe you can look at a chart and get some idea of how a coin has performed, but maybe you don't really have a background in doing hardcore market analysis or data science? Not a problem. 

ETCFs do a lot of the legwork for you. CoinMetro's team of professional traders, block-chain experts, and industry advisors work together to create curated baskets of digital assets that represent promising projects in specific markets- like healthcare, for example, as well as many other fields. 

Instead of you doing a bunch of legwork and jumping around to a ton of different exchanges to buy into the tokens that you think look good, you can simply buy into CoinMetro's healthcare ETCF. With one click, you can diversify your holdings into an industry-specific collection of tokens that has been carefully selected by a team of professionals. 

Doing more with ETCFs
ETCFs allow you to hone in on particular industries, but the possibilities don't stop there. You can also choose funds based on other factors, such as social media influencer data.

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